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Issue 2 (2011)

Advanced Researches

The Effect of a Short-term Glucose Deprivation on Neuron Net Functioning of Hippocampus Primary Culture on a Multi-electrode Matrix
Vedunova M.V., Korotchenko S.A., Balashova A.N., Isakova A.O., Khaspekov L.G., Kazantsev V.B., Mukhina I.V.
СТМ, 2011, issue 2, page 7.
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Experimental Investigations

Drug Sensitivity of Nonspecific Lung Pathology Agents in Experimental Conditions of Tobacco Smoke Condensate Exposure
The Study of Complementarity of Iron Preparations with Antioxidants in an Experiment
Lovtsova L.V.
СТМ, 2011, issue 2, page 18.
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Isolation of Legionellosis Bacteriophage: Main Biological Characteristics
Razgulin S.A., Grigoryev A.A.
СТМ, 2011, issue 2, page 26.
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Clinical Medicine

Expander Dermatension is a New Method of Surgical Replacement of Skin Defects
Bogos’yan R.A.
СТМ, 2011, issue 2, page 31.
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Endoscopic Technique of Radical Treatment of Hysterocarcinoma
Kochoyan T.M., Komov D.V., Ozherelyev A.S., Orinovsky M.B., Sletina S.Y., Berishvili A.I.
СТМ, 2011, issue 2, page 35.
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The Assessment of Dynamics of Free Radical Processes in Cerebral Tumour Tissue and Brain Metastases of Various Localizations
Sidorenko Y.S., Balyazin-Parfyonov I.V., Frantsiyants E.M., Komarova E.F., Pogorelova Y.А., Tcheryarina N.D.
СТМ, 2011, issue 2, page 42.
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Laser Keratoplasty: Refractive and Functional Results in Hypermetropic and Mixed Astigmatism Correction
Mushkova I.А., Doga А.V., Bessarabov A.N.
СТМ, 2011, issue 2, page 47.
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Algorithm and Instrumental and Technical Complex to Prevent Infectious Complication in Acute Intestinal Obstruction
Izmailov S.G., Lukoyanychev Е.Е., Ryabkov М.G., Garaev V.N.
СТМ, 2011, issue 2, page 52.
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The Assessment of Invasive and Noninvasive Diagnostic Techniques of Helicobacter Pylori
Leontyeva N.I., Stcherbakov I.T., Novikova L.I., Grachyova N.M., Khrennikov B.N., Stcherbakova E.G., Potekhin P.P.
СТМ, 2011, issue 2, page 57.
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The Effectiveness of Tachocomb Use in Hepatobiliary Surgery
Gorsky V.A., Zryanin A.M., Agapov M.A.
СТМ, 2011, issue 2, page 61.
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The Role of Oxidative Stress in Atherosclerosis Progression in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease Combined with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Grigorieva N.Yu., Kuznetsov A.N., Sharabrin E.G., Kontorstchikova K.N., Korolyova E.F.
СТМ, 2011, issue 2, page 69.
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The Assessment of Main Alloplasty Techniques in Order to Optimize the Treatment of Patients with Postoperative Ventral Hernias
The Influence of Low-frequency Magnetophototherapy on the Dynamics of Electromyographic Indexes in the Rehabilitation of Patients with Combined Pathology of the Spine and Major Joints
The Characteristics and Prognostic Significance of Sympathoadrenal Activity in Patients with Myocardial Infarction and Diabetes Mellitus Type 2
Panova E.I., Kruglova N.E., Strongin L.G., Kochenyuk O.A.
СТМ, 2011, issue 2, page 81.
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Combined Monitoring (ECG-MT and CGMS) in the Study of Arrhythmogenic Factors in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 Suffering from Chronic Cardiac Failure
Struchkova Y.V., Strongin L.G., Pochinka I.G., Konysheva M.S.
СТМ, 2011, issue 2, page 85.
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Brief Reports

A Method of Frontal Inclination Angle Test of Pelvic Component of an Endoprosthesis
Belousov B.Y.
СТМ, 2011, issue 2, page 90.
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OCT Laparoscopy in the Diagnosis of “Minor Forms” of Endometriosis
Panteleeva O.G., Shakhova N.M., Monakhov A.G.
СТМ, 2011, issue 2, page 92.
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The Study of Laparoscopic Nephrectomy Effectiveness in Patients with Renal Cell Carcinoma
Kochoyan T.M., Komov D.V., Matveev V.B., Komarov I.G., Kerimov R.A., Logachyov A.V., Ozherelyev A.S., Orinovsky M.B.
СТМ, 2011, issue 2, page 96.
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Aging Changes of Lens Physical Properties
Kudryavtseva Y.V., Chuprov A.D., Kudryavtsev V.A., Tsapock P.I., Gavrilova I.A.
СТМ, 2011, issue 2, page 100.
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Surgical Treatment of Autoimmune Thyroiditis
Menkov A.V.
СТМ, 2011, issue 2, page 103.
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The Development of a New Way of a Combined Burning Injury Modeling
Peretyagin S.P., Martusevich A.K., Vazina I.R., Grishina A.A., Struchkov A.A., Luzan A.S., Kvitsinskaya N.A.
СТМ, 2011, issue 2, page 106.
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Markers of Herpetic Infections in Children with Renal Diseases
Barkhatova T.V., Krasnov V.V.
СТМ, 2011, issue 2, page 110.
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Stability of Sensory and Motor Neurons in Transection of Their Peripheral Processes in Sciatic Nerve
Timofeeva L.B., Blagova N.V., Velichanskaya A.G., Ermolin I.L.
СТМ, 2011, issue 2, page 114.
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The Role of Urogenital Infection in the Mechanism of Infertility Development
Shevchenko E.A., Artifeksova A.A., Uspenskaya O.A.
СТМ, 2011, issue 2, page 118.
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Positron Emission Tomography with 18F-FDG in a Complex Radoidiagnosis of Patients with Malignant Lymphomas
Tyutin L.A., Kostenikov N.A., Ilyin N.V., Khodzhibekova M.M., Vinogradova Y.N.
СТМ, 2011, issue 2, page 120.
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Acute Pancreatitis: Modern Aspects of Pathogenesis and Classification
Firsova V.G., Parshikov V.V., Gradusov V.P.
СТМ, 2011, issue 2, page 127.
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Surgical Sepsis: a Current State of the Problem
Abelevich A.I.
СТМ, 2011, issue 2, page 135.
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Chronic Generalized Parodontitis. Part II. Modern Treatment and Prevention Techniques
Lukinykh L.M., Kruglova N.V.
СТМ, 2011, issue 2, page 140.
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Investigation on Dissertation Topics

Dopplerography of Ophthalmic Artery is an Objective Way of Early Diagnosis of Non-proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy in Children with Diabetes Mellitus Type 1
Experimental Justification of Enteral Lavage by Osmotically Active Solution in Acute Intestinal Obstruction Complicated by Intraabdominal Hypertension
Lipid Peroxidation and Antioxidant Protective System in Patients with Chronic Nonspecific Endometritis
Gorodetskaya O.S., Chandra D’Mello R.
СТМ, 2011, issue 2, page 150.
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The Effect of Tobacco Smoke Condensate on Biological Properties of Agents of Nonspecific Pulmonary Pathology
The Correction of Blood Coagulation Defects for the Purpose of Complications Prevention in Surgical Treatment of Postoperative Ventral Hernias
Spectral Optical Coherent Tomography of Optic Nerve in Diagnosis of Primary Open-angle Glaucoma
Modern Approach to Visual Impairment Diagnosis in Prolonged Loads
Zhuravlyova E.V.
СТМ, 2011, issue 2, page 162.
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Prognosis of Prolonged Clinical Course Variants of Neonatal Conjugated Hyperbilirubinemia
Pathogenetic Therapy of Patients with Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis
Krupin A.V., Krupin V.N.
СТМ, 2011, issue 2, page 168.
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Practical Observations

Favourable Outcome of Foreign Body Removal from Left Orbital Cavity and Cribriform Bone
Tishkova S.K., Protopov S.B.
СТМ, 2011, issue 2, page 171.
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A Case of Successful Treatment of Spasticity in the Patient with Vertebrospinal Trauma
Morozov I.N., Khrulyov S.E.
СТМ, 2011, issue 2, page 174.
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