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Volume 8, Issue 3 (2016)


СТМ, 2016, volume 8, issue 3, page 1.
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Advanced Researches

The Relation of Biological Properties of the Silk Fibroin/Gelatin Scaffolds with the Composition and Fabrication Technology
Sokolova A.I., Bobrova M.M., Safonova L.A., Agapova O.I., Moisenovich M.M., Agapov I.I.
СТМ, 2016, volume 8, issue 3, page 6.
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Assessment of Oxidative and Antioxidant Capacity of Biological Substrates by Chemiluminescence Induced by Fenton Reaction

Experimental Investigations

Strength Properties of Abdominal Wall in Intraperitoneal and Retromuscular Repair Using Lightweight and Ultra-Lightweight Synthetic and Titanium-Containing Endoprostheses (Experimental Study)
Parshikov V.V., Kazantsev A.A., Mironov A.A., Zavaruev V.А., Chernikov А.N., Belayev О.F., Alyokhin A.I.
СТМ, 2016, volume 8, issue 3, page 27.
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Organized Frequency Structure of Electrocardiogram During Long-Duration Ventricular Fibrillation Under Experimental Conditions
Atrial and Brain Natriuretic Peptides of Secretory Cardiomyocytes in Salt Loading in Experiment
Galkina М.V., Snopova L.B., Prodanets N.N., Lapshin R.D., Belousova I.I., Abrosimov D.A., Bugrova М.L.
СТМ, 2016, volume 8, issue 3, page 49.
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Clinical Medicine

Transient Elastography Is a Noninvasive Method to Diagnose Hepatic Fibrosis Stages in Children with Rare Diseases
Surkov А.N., Namazova-Baranova L.S., Vashakmadze N.D., Gevorkjan А.К., Tomilova А.Ju., Potapov А.S., Simonova О.I., Kuzenkova L.М., Baranov А.А.
СТМ, 2016, volume 8, issue 3, page 56.
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The Concept of Modern Ankle Joint Arthrodesis in Posttraumatic Crusarthrosis, Grade III–IV
Gorbatov R.O., Gorin V.V., Pavlov D.V., Malyshev E.E.
СТМ, 2016, volume 8, issue 3, page 64.
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Markers of Endothelial Dysfunction as Criteria for Differential Diagnosis of Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnant Women
Rokotyanskaya E.A., Malyshkina A.I., Nazarov S.B., Smirnova E.V., Sytova L.A., Panova I.A.
СТМ, 2016, volume 8, issue 3, page 75.
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Intraoperational Thermal Control of Perifocal Edema in Photodynamic Therapy of Malignant Brain Tumors
Medyanik I.А., Volovik М.G., Dydykin А.V., Yashin К.S., Kulakova К.V., Bugrov S.N., Karyakin N.N.
СТМ, 2016, volume 8, issue 3, page 82.
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Migration of Human Dendritic Cells in vitro Induced  by Vaccines Stimulating Humoral and Cell Immunity
Talayev V.Y., Talaeva М.V., Voronina Е.V., Babaykina О.N.
СТМ, 2016, volume 8, issue 3, page 91.
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Reference Values of Platelet Aggregation in Impedance Aggregometry with Adenosine Diphosphoric Acid on Aggregometer Multiplate
Petrova О.V., Shashin S.А., Tarasov D.G.
СТМ, 2016, volume 8, issue 3, page 100.
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Change in Cerebrovascular Resistance as Diagnostic Index of Cerebral Hemodynamics in Patients with Severe Combined Traumatic Brain Injury
Trofimov A.O., Kalentiev G.V., Voennov O.V., Martynov D.S., Agarkova D.I., Grigorieva V.N.
СТМ, 2016, volume 8, issue 3, page 105.
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The Impact of Broadband Microwaves of Sub- and Millimeter Range on Biochemical Metabolism in Experimental Tissue Ischemia in vivo
Polyakova А.G., Kuzneczova V.L., Presnyakova М.V.
СТМ, 2016, volume 8, issue 3, page 112.
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Determination of Toxic and Essential Elements in Urine by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry
Veikhman G.A., Gilyova O.V., Stenno E.V., Ulanova T.S.
СТМ, 2016, volume 8, issue 3, page 120.
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Capabilities of Nasal Videoendoscopy in Diagnostics of Pharyngeal Tonsil Condition in Children with Bronchial Asthma
Krasilnikova S.V., Eliseeva Т.I., Shakhov А.V., Geppe N.A.
СТМ, 2016, volume 8, issue 3, page 126.
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The Study of Temperature-Dependent Molecular Mechanisms of Infection Development as a Key to the Development of Modern Prophylactic Drugs (Review)
Andryukov B.G., Somova L.М., Timchenko N.F.
СТМ, 2016, volume 8, issue 3, page 137.
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Decompressive Craniotomy in the Treatment of Malignant Ischemic Stroke of Cerebral Hemispheres (Review)
Yarikov А.V., Lavrenyuk А.N., Balyabin А.V.
СТМ, 2016, volume 8, issue 3, page 151.
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