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Issue 2 (2012)

Advanced Researches

Chronoinotropic Effects in Langendorff Perfused Rat Heart
Dvornikov A.V., Chan C.K.
СТМ, 2012, issue 2, page 7.
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In vivo Control of Oral Mucosa Regeneration after Fractional Laser Photothermolysis Using Cross-polarization Optic Coherence Tomography
Gladkova N.D., Karabut М.М., Kiseleva Е.B., Ostrovskaya Yu.V., Muraev А.А., Balalaeva I.V., Feldstein F.I.
СТМ, 2012, issue 2, page 13.
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Experimental Investigations

The Analysis of Active Products of Spark Discharge Plasma Radiation Determining Biological Effects in Tissues
Ivanova I.P., Trofimova S.V., Karpel Vel Leitner N., Аristova N.А., Arkhipova Е.V., Burkhina О.Е., Sysoeva V.А., Piskaryov I.M.
СТМ, 2012, issue 2, page 20.
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The Possibilities and Advantages of Sutureless Plasty of Abdominal Wall Using Different Synthetic Meshes in Experimental Study
Khodak V.А., Petrov V.V., Dvornikov А.V., Mironov А.А., Baburin А.B., Parshikov V.V., Tsybusov S.N.
СТМ, 2012, issue 2, page 31.
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The Study of the Activity of Lipid Peroxidation, Antioxidant System and Ultrastructure of Organs in a Long-term Postresuscitative Period
Andreeva N.N., Soloviyova T.I., Balandina M.V., Yakovleva E.I.
СТМ, 2012, issue 2, page 37.
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Clinical Medicine

A New Approach to the Assessment of the Results of Endovascular Correction of Coronary Artery Bifurcation
Chebotar Е.V., Britvina О.V., Shakhov B.Е.
СТМ, 2012, issue 2, page 45.
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The Analysis of Postoperative Complications after Thrombectomy From Inferior Vena Cava in Renal Cell Carcinoma
Atduev V.A., Amoev Z.V., Belsky V.A., Abramov D.V., Beryozkina G.A., Rykhtik P.I., Shatokhina I.V.
СТМ, 2012, issue 2, page 51.
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The Opportunities of Ultrasound Biomicroscopy in Diagnosis and Monitoring of Iridocorneal Endothelial Syndrome
Avetisov S.E., Ambartsumyan А.R.
СТМ, 2012, issue 2, page 57.
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The Feasibility of an Extended Lymphadenectomy in Gastric Cancer Treatment
Slugarev V.V., Gamayunov S.V., Terentiev I.G., Chernyavsky A.A., Denisenko A.N., Pakhomov S.R., Kalugina R.R.
СТМ, 2012, issue 2, page 62.
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Increasing Information Capacity of Narrow Band Imaging Results in Diagnosis of Premalignant Lesions and Early Cancer of Esophagus
Peganova E.V., Mitrakova N.N., Ryzhkov V.L., Rozhentsov A.A., Sazonov G.P., Mitrakov A.A.
СТМ, 2012, issue 2, page 68.
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Short-term Results of Surgical Treatment of Patients with Intracranial Saccular Aneurysms of Vertebral Artery
Tkachev V.V., Usachev A.A., Lepshokov М.K., Muzlaev G.G.
СТМ, 2012, issue 2, page 74.
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Comparative Results of Thermo- and Chemoradiotherapy of Local Esophageal Cancer
Borisov V.А., Shinkaryov S.А., Ilyin N.V., Maslennikova A.V.
СТМ, 2012, issue 2, page 80.
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Chemical Composition Analysis of Gallstones in Patients with Cholelithiasis Using Infrared Spectrometry
Strakhov А.V., Gordetsov А.S.
СТМ, 2012, issue 2, page 86.
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The Effect of Licopid and Bifid and Lactic Acid Bacteria Complex on Lysozyme Activity as the Factor of Nonspecific Immune Protection in Chronic Gastric and Duodenal Ulcer
Dugina V.V., Shirali Rashmi, Lebedeva N.V., Babayan S.R., Rudakova G.V., Khrulyova N.S.
СТМ, 2012, issue 2, page 91.
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Computer Simulation of Mutual Synchronization of Cell Density Oscillations of Hyperproliferating Epidermisis in Psoriasis Pathogenesis
Individual Replacement of Bones and Joints the Foot in the Treatment of Degenerative Dystrophic Diseases

Brief Reports

Combined Use of Adaptive Optics and Calibrometry in Retinal Vein Occlusion Prognosis in Venous Occlusion of Fellow Eye in Patients with Refraction Anomalies
Efficiency and Safety Analysis of Prospidinum in Subepithelial Haze Prevention after Photorefractive Keratectomy
A New Estimation Method of Blood Metabolism Dynamics of Patients with Heat Injuries
Solovyоva A.G., Zimin Yu.V.
СТМ, 2012, issue 2, page 116.
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The Use of Plazmaferez in the Treatment of Chronic Placental Insufficiency in Pregnant Women with Urogenital Infection
Shevchenko Е.А., Uspenskaya O.A., Kondyurov I.M., Kurylev V.V., Moiseev D.N.
СТМ, 2012, issue 2, page 118.
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The Use of Cryodestruction in Ingrown Nail Treatment in Polyclinic
Slonimsky V.V.
СТМ, 2012, issue 2, page 122.
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Complex Use of Interstitial Pressure Recording Methods in Forensic Medicine
Edelev N.S., Vorobyov V.G., Kraev I.P.
СТМ, 2012, issue 2, page 125.
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Molecular and Cell Mechanisms of Singlet Oxygen Effect on Biosystems
Martusevich А.А., Peretyagin S.P., Martusevich А.К.
СТМ, 2012, issue 2, page 128.
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The Effect of Arterial Pressure on the Prognosis and Survival Rate of Dialysis Patients
Suvorov А.V., Zubeeva G.N., Obukhova S.V., Kuzmenko Yu.N., Suvorov М.А.
СТМ, 2012, issue 2, page 135.
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Neonatal Necrotizing Enterocolitis: Clinical Picture, Diagnosis and Therapy
Karpova I.Yu.
СТМ, 2012, issue 2, page 138.
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Practical Observations

Incarcerated Giant Incisional Ventral Hernia Complicated by Hernial Sac Phlegmon, Unformed Enteric Fistula and Peritonitis
Glabai V.P., Temirsultanov R.Ya., Arkharov А.V., Isaev А.V., Abramov V.N., Gerbei Yu.N.
СТМ, 2012, issue 2, page 143.
Full text: pdf
Two-stage Treatment of Complicated Duodenal Cancer
Ershov V.V., Ryabkov М.G., Saratov М.B.
СТМ, 2012, issue 2, page 146.
Full text: pdf
A Case of Effective Diagnosis and Treatment of Colon Cancer with Extension to Prostate
Zubeev P.S., Korovin О.А., Konovalov В.А., Ryzhov М.K., Terekhov V.М.
СТМ, 2012, issue 2, page 148.
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