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Issue 1 (2011)

Advanced Researches

Hermetization of the Turkish Saddle Fundus with the “Reperen-ST” Synthetic Implant in a Combined Treatment of the Chiasmal and Sellar Area Tumors
Shesterickov A.A., Lalov Yu.V., Fomin P.A., Uspensky I.V.
СТМ, 2011, issue 1, page 6.
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Experimental Investigations

Influence of a Low-intensive Red Light on a Functional State of the Rat Cardiovascular System and Blood at a Clinical Death Simulation
Organotropic Alterations of Characteristics of the Lipid Peroxidation Value in a Divalent Ferrum Infusion in the Experiment
Lovtsova L.V., Chueva T.O., Dvornickov A.V.
СТМ, 2011, issue 1, page 15.
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Peculiarities of a Female Reproductive System Response to the Superovulation Stimulation in the IVF Cycle
Khrulyova N.V., Sherbatyuk T.G., Potekhina Yu.P.
СТМ, 2011, issue 1, page 20.
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Clinical Medicine

Vinorelbin–Cyclophosphamide–5-Fluorouracil in a Nonadjuvant Treatment of Patients with Breast Cancer T1–2N0–1M0
The Use of a Local Effect of a Superhigh Frequency (SHF) Energy for the Liver Tumor Thermal Destruction (in Clinic)
Zagainov V.E., Kostrov A.V., Strikovsky A.V., Gorokhov G.G., Vasenin S.A., Shkalova L.V., Rykhtick P.I., Shatokhina I.V., Bugrova M.L., Avdonin S.N.
СТМ, 2011, issue 1, page 29.
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Method of a Confocal Microscopy in Investigation of the Operational Wound Zone (in vivo) After a Cataract Phacoemulsification
Smetankin I.G., Shlenskaya O.V., Artemiev N.V.
СТМ, 2011, issue 1, page 34.
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New Data on a Computer and Tomographic Anatomy and Topography of the Retroperitoneal Area Great Vessels
Lyashenko S.N., Chemezov S.V., Nagornov P.V.
СТМ, 2011, issue 1, page 38.
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Transcranial Doppler Monitoring in Assessment of a Cerebral Microembolism Expression in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation of the Nonvalval Etiology
Effectiveness of a Perftoran Use for the Human Sperm Hypothermal Conservation
Odintsov A.A., Kuchkov I.N., Cherkashina I.V., Potyomina T.E., Ryzhakov D.I.
СТМ, 2011, issue 1, page 47.
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Expression of the Growth Factors in the Endotheliocytes of Arteriovenous Malformations and Arterial Aneurisms as a Marked Sign of Their Differential Diagnosis
Regulation of a Hemodynamics Adaptation to Ageing
Astakhov A.A., Nagornaya A.S., Naumova V.V.
СТМ, 2011, issue 1, page 55.
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Surgical Prevention Technique of the Primary Bronchus Stump Insufficiency Using a Fibrin-collagenic Plate
Korotin D.P., Pavlunin A.V., Artifexova A.A.
СТМ, 2011, issue 1, page 61.
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Serous Content of Adhesion Soluble Antigen as a Marker of the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Progressing
Lyubavina N.A., Varvarina G.N., Makarova E.V., Menkov N.V., Belyaeva E.V., Ermolina G.B., Presnyakova N.B., Korolyova V.V., Filatova E.N., Kurnickov G.Yu., Noviсkov V.V.
СТМ, 2011, issue 1, page 67.
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Optimization of the Neck of the Uterus Neoplasia Diagnosis Using Optical Coherent Tomography
Chronic Inflammation and Fibrosis as Risk Factors of the Prostatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia (PIN) and Prostate Cancer
Gorbunova E.N., Davydova D.A., Krupin V.N.
СТМ, 2011, issue 1, page 79.
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External Transintestinal Wirsungostomy is a Procedure of Pancreatojejunal Anastomosis Incompetence Prevention
Kholodenin K.G., Solovyov V.A., Zakharov A.G., Parakhonyak N.V., Pakhomov S.R.
СТМ, 2011, issue 1, page 84.
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Brief Reports

The Role of Cardiac Arrhythmias in a Sudden Death Prognosis in Patients with a Terminal Chronic Renal Insufficiency
Suvorov A.V., Zubeeva G.N., Suslova O.A., Kuzmenko Yu.N., Gorshenkova A.G., Obukhova S.V.
СТМ, 2011, issue 1, page 88.
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The Results of Surgical Treatment of Proximal Gastric Cancer
Aliev A.R., Zeinalov R.S., Agalarov I.Sh.
СТМ, 2011, issue 1, page 92.
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Crystallogenic Properties of a Biological Fluid in Chemical Agent Infusion
Martusevich A.K., Simonova Zh.G.
СТМ, 2011, issue 1, page 95.
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Infrared Thermometry Method in Assessment of a Postoperative Period in Abdominal Wall Plasty for Hernias
Parshikov V.V., Potekhina Y.P., Petrov V.V., Gradusov V.P., Rotkov A.I., Baburin A.B.
СТМ, 2011, issue 1, page 99.
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The Possibilities and Perspectives of a Botulotoxin Use in Neurological Practice
Antipenko E.A., Gustov A.V.
СТМ, 2011, issue 1, page 102.
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Levofloxacin in the Therapy of Lung Bacterial Diseases: New Information on Pharmacokinetics of the Preparation in Heavy Smoking Patients


The Role of COX-2 Selective Inhibitors in the Treatment of Patients with Breast Cancer
Kolyadina I.V., Poddubnaya I.V., Komov D.V., Rostchin E.M., Ozhereliev A.S., Orinovsky M.B.
СТМ, 2011, issue 1, page 108.
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Chronic Obstructive Respiratory Disease: New Information About Pathogenetic Mechanisms
Grigorieva N.Yu., Kuznetsov A.N., Sharabrin E.G.
СТМ, 2011, issue 1, page 112.
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Modern Ideas of the Pathogenesis of External Genital Endometriosis
Kachalina T.S., Semerikova M.V., Strongin L.G.
СТМ, 2011, issue 1, page 117.
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Chronic Generalized Periodontitis. Part I. Modern View of Etiology and Pathogenesis
Lukinykh L.M., Kruglova N.V.
СТМ, 2011, issue 1, page 123.
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Investigation on Dissertation Topics

The Role of the Midmolecular Peptides in the Blood Cell Aggregation in Acute Periods of a Burn Disease
Egorikhina M.N., Levin G.Ya.
СТМ, 2011, issue 1, page 126.
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Pathologic Significance of a Recurrent Nodular Goiter After the Operations on the Thyroid Gland
Use of Blood Plasma Double Bond (DB)-index for Prognosis and Monitoring the Treatment Effectiveness of Patients with Severe Whitlow
Knyazev V.N., Miroshin S.I., Evdokimova O.S., Martusevich A.K.
СТМ, 2011, issue 1, page 134.
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The Effect of Immunomodulating Therapy on a Lysozyme Activity and the Expression of Helicobacter Pylori Contamination in Chronic Gastric and Duodenal Peptic Ulcer
The Role of Hereditary Risk Factors in Forming Low Amylolytic Activity of Saliva in Children with Chronic Inflammatory Gastric and Duodenal Diseases
Shkenyova L.N., Lavrova A.E., Sazanova N.E., Shirokova N.Yu., Borisova E.Yu.
СТМ, 2011, issue 1, page 141.
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Practical Observations

A Case of Dengue-Fever in Nizhny Novgorod
Korochkina O.V., Sobolevskaya O.L.
СТМ, 2011, issue 1, page 144.
Full text: pdf
A Case of the Severe Gunshot Penetrating Multiple Wound of the Abdomen Complicated by a Local and Generalized Infectious Process

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