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Volume 6, Issue 3 (2014)

Advanced Researches

Prognostic Value of Neurotrophic Factors and Neuron Specific Elonase in Patients with Extracerebral Brain Tumors
Kurakina А.S., Vedunova М.V., Stchelchkova N.А., Grigorieva V.N., Mukhina I.V.
СТМ, 2014, volume 6, issue 3, page 6.
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Experimental Investigations

The Effect of Gas-Discharge Plasma Radiation on Erythrocyte Protein Modification
Trofimova S.V., Burkhina О.Е., Piskaryov I.M., Ichetkina А.А., Solovyova Т.I., Astafieva К.А., Pugina Е.S., Ivanova I.P.
СТМ, 2014, volume 6, issue 3, page 14.
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The Effect of Sterofundin and Cytoflavin on Morphological Changes in Myocardium in Acute Massive Blood Loss in Experiment
Kalentiev G.V., Nikolsky V.О., Snopova L.B., Trofimov А.О.
СТМ, 2014, volume 6, issue 3, page 22.
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Clinical Medicine

Biological and Prognostic Role of Tumor Size (T1a, T1b, T1c) in Stage I Breast Cancer (Experience of International Cooperation)
Kolyadina I.V., Poddubnaya I.V., van de Velde Cornelis J.H., Kuppen Peter J.K., Bastiaannet E., Komov D.V., Karseladze A.I., Ermilova V.D., Vishnevskaya Y.V., Frank G.A.
СТМ, 2014, volume 6, issue 3, page 28.
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Characteristics of Left Ventricular Impaired Functional Indices in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease According to Visual Estimation and Velocity Vector Imaging
Efficiency of Positron Emission Tomography with 18F-Fluorodeoxyglucose, 11С-Methionine and 82Rb-Chloride in Differential Diagnosis of Lung Tumors and Some Inflammatory Pulmonary Diseases
Diagnostic Ultrasound of Diffuse-Nodular Pleural Mesotheliomas — Echosemiotics, Growth Characteristics, and Scanning Techniques
Combination of Neurofeedback Technique with Music Therapy for Effective Correction of Stress-Induced Disorders
Fedotchev A.I., Oh S.J., Semikin G.I.
СТМ, 2014, volume 6, issue 3, page 60.
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Structuring Characteristics of Biological Fluids of Patients with Combined Cardiovascular and Gastrointestinal Pathology
Simonova Zh.G., Martusevich А.К., Shubina О.I., Emanuel V.L.
СТМ, 2014, volume 6, issue 3, page 64.
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The Advantages of Continuous Epidural Anesthesia in Spinal Deformity Surgery
Ezhevskaya А.А., Prusakova Zh.B., Zagrekov V.I., Prokhorova Y.N., Ovechkin А.М.
СТМ, 2014, volume 6, issue 3, page 72.
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Compression Elastography in Endosonography as an Early Differential Diagnostic Technique of Liver Fibrosis Stages
Morozova Т.G., Borsukov А.V.
СТМ, 2014, volume 6, issue 3, page 79.
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Synergism in Combined Use of Oral Antihyperglycemic Drugs
Sorokina Y.А., Lovtsova L.V., Bogdarina А.V., Yashanova M.I., Stcherbatyuk Т.G.
СТМ, 2014, volume 6, issue 3, page 85.
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Molecular Epidemiological Monitoring of Streptococcus Pneumoniae Strains Isolated in Elderly Patients with Common-Acquired Pneumoniaes
Martynova А.V., Balabanova L.А., Chulakova О.А., Sheparyov А.А.
СТМ, 2014, volume 6, issue 3, page 91.
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Compression of Great Cervical Vessels in Nodular Goiter as Indication for Thyroidectomy
Ovchinnikov Е.А., Maksimova I.Y., Agarkova D.I., Barskov А.N., Ovchinnikov V.А.
СТМ, 2014, volume 6, issue 3, page 97.
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Modern Approaches to the Problem of Body Weight Regulation (Review)
Zagoskin P.P., Zagoskina I.P., Savelieva N.А., Lyalyaev V.А.
СТМ, 2014, volume 6, issue 3, page 104.
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Human Immune System and Characteristics of Herpetic Infection Pathogenesis (Review)
Sobchak D.М., Volsky N.Е., Svintsova Т.А., Stchuklina Т.V., Butina Т.Y., Kushman К.V., Korochkina О.V.
СТМ, 2014, volume 6, issue 3, page 118.
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Case Practice

​A Case of Cerebrocardiac Syndrome
Klemenov А.V.
СТМ, 2014, volume 6, issue 3, page 128.
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A Case of Transcranial Duplex Scanning of Cerebral Arteries in a Patient with Neurotrauma
Sheludko N.V., Karpovich Е.I., Kurilina L.R., Zarechnova N.V., Rykhtik P.I., Pavlova Е.А., Pavlov S.S., Kazakova L.V.
СТМ, 2014, volume 6, issue 3, page 131.
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